Consultant Services

Tammy Williams, Program Manager, 773.8149

Consultant Training Presentation Video and Materials

Consultant Services Manual

Notice of Intent for Various Engineering & Related Services

The department's consultant procurement process is handled in the Administration Program. Solicitation for statements of interest and qualifications is conducted every 3 years through advertisements in newspapers and direct mailing to those that are either on the current list or have shown an interest to be notified. Additional firms may be added in the interim years. If you wish to be contacted in the next round, please contact us.

Each office within the department writes work orders for engineering work. This process includes everything from the scope of services through final payment for work performed.

Disclosure of Lobbying Activities Form

AASHTO Internal Control Questionnaire for Consulting Engineers

South Dakota W-9

Authorized Signature Form

Standard Bid Item Search

Electronic Plans Review for Consultants

Prequalification Information for 2017-2019 Consultant Retainage Agreement Process

Consultant Services Retainer - RFP

2017-2019 Consultants - Complete list



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