Stormwater Training

Erosion & Sediment Control and Storm Water Management

Cost for Full Course: $150
AFE# for DOT - 73T0(zero)

This training is available for anyone interested in erosion and sediment control (ESC) requirements for SDDOT construction projects. The class covers ESC processes, best management practices (BMPs), regulatory & inspection requirements, and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs).

Successful completion of this training will result in SDDOT Certification in Erosion and Sediment Control. Successful bidders of SDDOT construction contracts are required to have certified personnel responsible for the on-site erosion and sediment controls available at all times.

Erosion & Sediment Control and Storm Water Management for Maintenance Course

No Cost

This course is intended for SDDOT maintenance supervisors, foremen and field personnel. It will provide those attending current information on controlling erosion and sediment in addition to current storm water regulations, control and maintenance of constructed storm water best management practices (BMPs).

The course will emphasize implementation of maintenance activities while complying with regulations and protecting the environment:

  • Knowing what to do after a construction project is complete - removing silt fence and bales, restoring washouts and refurbishing turf.
  • Performing minor maintenance reconstruction projects that control erosion and keep sediment on-site.
  • Repairing erosion areas on slopes, around culvert ends, and stabilize ditches.
  • Maintaining drainage and perform ditch cleanouts and culvert replacements.
  • Maintaining constructed storm water management features such as ponds, swales, rain water gardens, etc.
  • Being the department's eyes and ears for problems areas, illicit discharges and illegal dumping.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Design Course

Cost : $190
AFE # for DOT- 73W4

The SWPPP Design class targets personnel that design, assemble and review SWPPPs. The class will include exercises in assembling a SWPPP using pay items, specifications, standard drawings, etc. This is different training than previous erosion and sediment control courses as they pertained only to implementation of a SWPPP during construction. All personnel involved in the design, assemblage or review of SWPPPs for DOT projects should attend.

In Accordance with the South Dakota construction permit, storm water pollution prevention plans must be designed into all projects that disturb one or more acres. As required by the permit, several key components must be designed and included the SWPPP for each individual project.

In these two day workshops, instructors will provide their expertise on detailed aspects of SWPPP design and plan preparation. Attendees will have the opportunity to work in groups to critique Plans and develop SWPPP components.

Registration and contact Information:

SDDOT employees, please register through the LMS. Include your name, employee ID number, telephone number and the name, date and location of the training. Contractors will need to email dotlms@state.sd.us or call 773.2371.

If you have questions about the program, contact: Michele Beeler by email), or Earl Berg by email.

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