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South Dakota Department of Transportation
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Title: Metric Implementation in SDDOT
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Problem Statement:The Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988 provides that each agency of the federal government begin using the metric system of measurement in procurement, grants, and other business-related activities except where such use is impractical or likely to cause significant inefficiencies. In 1990, the US Department of Transportation issued order 1020.1C which established its metric implementation policy. By May, 1995, data collection and reporting activities must be metric, and by September 30, 1996, all federal-aid construction contracts must be metric.

The Federal Highway Administration has issued general guidelines and the Transportation Research Board has nearly completed a study to assess the impact of metric conversion on state transportation departments. But the specific impacts, which could be extensive, are unknown. The Department must identify where conversion is necessary, determine the level of effort required, and plan its conversion activities to meet the mandated deadlines.


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