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South Dakota Department of Transportation
Project Synopsis

Title: Rock Slope Reclamation & Stabilization
Project Researcher: Ken Buss,
Project Manager: Paul Orth
Research Period: -
Cost: $0.00

Problem Statement:Slopes in the Black Hills steeper than two to one are typically unvegetated after construction. They are susceptible to erosion, weathering, and instability and can be aesthetically unpleasing. Considerable maintenance effort is required for rockfall cleanup every spring. Revegetation, benching, mechanical restraints or other methods or combination of methods could reduce these problems and improve safety and aesthetics. Guidelines and recommendations are needed for effective, site specific treatment of these slopes.


Research Objectives:
1  To identify and categorize various constructed rock slope conditions in the Black Hills of South Dakota, using principles of engineering geology, geotechnology, and biotechnology.
2  To describe and evaluate existing methods and suggest potential methods to enhance safety, reduce maintenance, and improve aesthetics of rock slopes.
3  To identify and recommend the proper methods and develop guidelines to cost-effectively stabilize rock slopes.

Research Tasks:
1  Meet with the technical panel to review scope of project and outline work plan.
2  Meet with appropriate SDDOT personnel and inspect Black Hills highways to identify rock conditions.
3  Categorize rock slopes based on site conditions including climate, geology, slope, aspect, elevation, chemistry, cost and aesthetics.
4  Review international literature on current rock slope reclamation technologies. Include inquiries to other state transportation departments, hard rock mining operations, state natural resource offices, the US Forest Service, the Federal Highway Admin
5  Meet with the technical panel to review findings of site inspections and literature review.
6  Develop guidelines to address slope problems at representative Black Hills sites.
7  Develop recommendations for future field testing or research.
8  Deliver a final report, executive summary and executive presentation summarizing relevant literature, research methodology, findings and conclusions.

Documents Available:
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