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South Dakota Department of Transportation
Project Synopsis

Title: Feasibility of Still Video Images for Videologging
Project Researcher: Paul Orth, SDDOT
Project Manager: Jon Becker
Research Period: -
Cost: $0.00

Problem Statement:SDDOT acquired a videologging system from Mandli Communications, Inc, in 1990. This system is used by various offices in SDDOT for viewing sections of state highways, signs, right-of-way, intersections, etc. The video logger may have the potential to incorporate additional still video images captured with a hand held digital camera. These images would include, for example, bridge inspection details, guardrail, aerial intersection photos, sign close-ups, right-of-way details, etc. The research project SD90-17, Acquisition and Implementation of the SDDOT Videologging System, recommended that the Office of Research should continue the investigation of incorporating these images into the existing videolog database. These photos now are kept in project file folders.

The main problem of managing captured digital photographs lies in indexing and accessing them on the videolog work station. The work station now references photograph frames by Mileage Reference Marker (MRM) and offset. As the system is now, a structure at an MRM may reference only one image. This would not allow, for example, several bridge detail images. The considerable effort necessary to remedy this problem may require the original vendor to make changes to their videolog software.

There has been interest recently in the transmission of digital images over the state computer network. Although it would be desirable to network the SDDOT videologging system, it is a stand alone, analog system and is not practically networkable. The next generation system available from the vendor in a year or two will be digital, and capable of network interface.


Research Objectives:
1  To identify and demonstrate an adequate image indexing and access system for use with the SDDOT videolog system.
2  To initiate a pilot program to use digital cameras in a region to acquire photos for a trial bridge inspection file.
3  To develop a method of archiving images for future use.

Research Tasks:
1  Literature search.
2  Develop image indexing method for use in existing videolog system, or determine whether alternative solution is available from a vendor.
3  Search for available still photo cameras which will output images in a digital format which may be archived.
4   Distribute cameras and provide training to bridge inspection personnel for acquiring images in a region.
5   Load images and indexing system on workstation in the region and central office, and provide training.
6  Monitor usage, interview users and evaluate performance.
7   Review and select file formats, storage and indexing method for use in archiving images for future use.
8  Prepare final report, including findings, methods, conclusions and recommendations.

Documents Available:

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