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South Dakota Department of Transportation
Project Synopsis

Title: Review of SDDOT Collected Roadway Characteristic Data
Project Researcher: David Peshkin,
Project Manager:
Research Period: -
Cost: $0.00

Problem Statement:The South Dakota Department of Transportation collects a vast amount of roadway characteristic data using various manual and automated methods and equipment. Major data items include:
  • roughness from profile

  • three-point rut depth

  • pavement distress

  • falling weight deflection

  • pavement friction

  • videolog images

  • sufficiency rating

  • traffic

  • verification of vertical and horizontal curves and other geometric data

  • Collected data must be accurate because important planning and design decisions based on this data are only as accurate as the data itself. Accurate decisions are vitally important in determining optimum program and design strategies. Data must also be timely and must satisfy regulatory requirements (for example, the federal Highway Performance Monitoring System) and the Departments internal and external information needs. To be efficient, the data collection effort must be well coordinated and make best use of available resources. Most importantly, the data collection program must foster credibility within and outside the Department.

    Presently, the Department employs various methods to check validity of individual data items, but it has no comprehensive policy regarding field data collection. Not all data items have formally defined collection and validation procedures, and no integrated strategy for data collection exists. Research is needed to reconfirm the Departments roadway data needs, review its field data collection methods and quality control procedures, assess the accuracy of existing data, and either verify or recommend enhancements to its procedures. The research should consider the Federal Highway Administrations current efforts to define common protocols for measuring pavement roughness, rut depth, distress and faulting on the National Highway System.


    Research Objectives:
    1  To determine the Department's need for field-collected roadway data and its value and cost.
    2  To review present methods for acquiring and ensuring quality of roadway data.
    3  To assess the accuracy of field-collected roadway data excluding traffic data.
    4  To coordinate the Department's data collection program with FHWA's project to develop data collection protocols.
    5  To recommend a comprehensive policy and procedures for roadway data collection.

    Research Tasks:
    1   Meet with the project's technical panel to review project scope and work plan.
    2  Identify, describe and prioritize the Department's needs (including measurement definition, frequency, required accuracy, and value) for field-collected roadway data, including traffic data, by interviewing data users and reviewing regulatory requir
    3  Review literature, other states' practices, and federal initiatives to establish common data collection protocols to identify best practices for collection of roadway data, excluding traffic.
    4  Conduct a process review of SDDOT's roadway data collection program (including traffic) to assess its effectiveness, efficiency, resource requirements, and cost. Include interviews of data collection personnel.
    5  Propose measurement and quality control procedures needed to satisfy the Department's need for roadway data (excluding traffic), preferably avoiding large capital investments.
    6  Provide an interim report and presentation to the project's technical panel describing the recommended measurement and quality control procedures and a plan for their evaluation.
    7  Upon the technical panel's approval of the recommended procedures and evaluation plan, validate the proposed quality control procedures using measurements collected by Department staff.
    8  Develop recommendations for a comprehensive data collection policy for setting data priorities and coordinating collection of roadway data, including traffic. Apply the policy to propose one data collection program that fully addresses the Departmen
    9  Prepare a final report and executive summary of the literature review, research methodology, findings, conclusions, and recommendations.
    10  Make an executive presentation to the SDDOT Research Review Board at conclusion of the project.

    Documents Available:

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