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South Dakota Department of Transportation
Project Synopsis

Title: SDDOT Information Systems Business Plan
Project Researcher: ,
Project Manager: Dave Huft
Research Period: -
Cost: $0.00

Problem Statement: Several of the South Dakota Department of Transportation's most important information processing systems including the Roadway Environment Subsystem-were developed twenty years ago or more. They have performed well over the years, but because of their age, they may not completely serve the needs of the Department today. The systems are typically mainframe based, which limits interactivity. Their functionality may reflect the Department's organization and needs as they existed years ago, rather than today. Many users of these systems feel changes are needed, but because of the systems' complexity and importance to the Department, modifying them is not a trivial matter. Potential modifications could be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.


Research Objectives:
1  To describe South Dakota's current CVO environment, including motor carrier regulatory processes and procedures, agency roles and responsibilities, economic and political factors, major issues and opportunities for improvement.
2  To develop a strategic overview, including a mission statement, guiding principles, goals and objectives for South Dakota's ITS/CVO program.
3  To propose a coordinated program of ITS/CVO projects that will improve safety assurance, credentials administration, electronic screening and motor carrier operations in South Dakota.
4  To define an organizational and management framework for accomplishing the ITS/CVO program, including: roles and responsibilities of public and private stakeholders; scheduling, duration and sequencing of projects; anticipated funding levels and sour
5  To develop materials that will effectively communicate findings to representatives of state government and the trucking industry in South Dakota.

Research Tasks:
1  Meet with the project’s technical panel to review the work plan and begin establishing a strategic overview for South Dakota's ITS/CVO program.
2  Collect data from stakeholders, including state and federal agencies, the motor carrier industry, and licensing agents to identify processes, procedures, responsibilities, problems, institutional barriers, needs and opportunities of South Dakota's cu
3  Through interviews and reviews of other states' and regions' business plans, identify and evaluate strategies, best practices, and program components applicable to South Dakota.
4  Prepare and present to the project's technical panel a technical memorandum that documents South Dakota's current CVO program and proposes a strategic direction for the state's future ITS/CVO program.
5  Upon the technical panel's approval of Task 4, define current and future projects to develop, test and deploy specific ITS/CVO products and services. Definitions should address goals and objectives, desired outcomes, project locations, technical appr
6  Prepare a final report and executive summary of the literature review, research methodology, findings, conclusions, and recommendations. The final report is to be the ITS/CVO business plan.
7  Prepare and make executive presentations to the SDDOT Research Review Board and to representatives of stakeholder organizations at the conclusion of the project. (Presentation materials will be retained by SDDOT for subsequent presentations to other

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