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South Dakota Department of Transportation
Project Synopsis

Title: CVISN Project Plan
Project Researcher: Richard Reid, SDSU
Project Manager:
Research Period: -
Cost: $0.00

Problem Statement:


Research Objectives:
1  Provide Systems Integration and Engineering Services to South Dakota for each of the CVISN Program Plan projects so they can be implemented by the September 30, 2003 Level 1 deadline.
2  Recommend and develop a detailed Level 1 CVISN/PRISM Architecture and Design.
3  Design, build/acquire, test and install South Dakota Level 1 CVISN/PRISM solutions capable of exchanging the required CVO safety, security, and regulatory information between state and national legacy systems.

Research Tasks:
1  Review the background literature and meet with the CVISN technical panel to review the project scope and work plan.
2  Document at a Project Level South Dakota's System and Network Architecture as identified in the South Dakota Top-Level Design & Program Plan during design, development, and deployment.
3  Develop Performance Measures and Baseline values for assessing the effectiveness of South Dakota's CVISN projects.
4  Update the CVISN Top-Level Design & Program Plan based on the comments received from the Federal Motor Carrier Services Administration (FMCSA) and other on going federal requirements.
5  Review project deliverables for each of the projects identified in the CVISN Program Plan Figure 3: "Major Projects" to ensure technical compatibility and consistency with the South Dakota CVISN Plan, Bureau of Information and Telecommunications (BIT
6  Provide project administrative support including schedule and budget tracking, project status reporting, and other project documentation as necessary.
7  For those tasks identified in Figure 3: "Major Projects", work with the CVISN Technical Panel and affected agencies to develop functional requirements, specifications, data standards and protocols necessary to integrate the legacy systems and meet CV
8  Prepare a technical memorandum on the information obtained from task 7 and meet with the technical panel to evaluate agency specific requirements in terms of their impacts on the statewide CVISN Program Plan projects and architecture.
9  Provide programming, analytical support, systems integration and engineering services as necessary to implement the CVISN Program Plan projects.
10  Design, build/acquire, test and install those projects identified in Figure 3: "Major Projects".
11  Meet with the technical panel as necessary to review and approve the recommended technologies, proposed architecture, and other information necessary to implement the CVISN Program Plan.
12  Working with the Bureau of Information and Telecommunications (BIT), develop a plan for and assist in conducting systems and interoperability testing to ensure compatibility with state and national legacy systems and provide timely updates and recomm
13  Prepare a final report and executive summary of the research methodology, findings, conclusions, and recommendations.
14  Make an executive presentation to the SDDOT Research Review Board and CVISN Managers at the conclusion of the project. The presentation materials will be retained and used by the CVISN Program Manager for additional agency and industry briefings.

Documents Available:

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