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South Dakota Department of Transportation
Project Synopsis

Title: SDDOT 2010 Statewide Customer Satisfaction Assessment
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Project Manager: Dave Huft
Research Period: -
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The South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) commissioned statewide customer satisfaction assessments in years 1997, 1999, 2002, 2004, and 2006. The surveys identified SDDOT's key products and services and assessed perceptions of their importance and quality of delivery. The surveys raised SDDOT's awareness of customers' concerns and provided valuable insights into their degree of satisfaction. Findings also influenced SDDOT's strategic plans and allowed SDDOT to gage progress in addressing customers' priorities. Some of the assessments included comparisons with public perceptions from other states in the region.

SDDOT's assessments have addressed recurring questions, such as:

* Have perceptions of SDDOT's performance changed significantly? If so, how?

* How has SDDOT responded to issues identified in prior surveys? Have the responses been effective? Are more proactive or effective responses possible?

* Do state legislators and key customer segments perceive SDDOT's services and performance differently from the population at large? Do perceptions vary by region or between urban and rural populations? If so, how should SDDOT respond?

In addition to these important questions, specific topics have gained attention since SDDOT's most recent assessment. For example:

* In light of increasing costs and constrained funding, have customers' perceptions changed regarding the need for and relative priority of capital improvements, maintenance, operations, and other delivered services?

* How have other factors, such as demographic changes, rural and urban development, and large-scale flooding, affected customers' perceptions of the need for and relative priority of SDDOT's services?

* Have customers' needs and preferences for receiving information from and providing information to SDDOT changed?

* How effectively does SDDOT conduct business with key business partners, such as the contracting industry and local governments?

Research is needed to reassess perceptions of SDDOT's performance and to identify how SDDOT can effectively respond to them.


Research Objectives:
1  To assess the opinions of the public and key customer groups regarding the composition, importance, and delivered quality of the SDDOT's key products and services.
2  To assess the opinions of key business partners regarding the effectiveness of SDDOT's business practices and relationships.
3  To assess progress in addressing customer concerns through SDDOT's ongoing efforts to develop and execute strategic plans
4  To identify specific actions SDDOT can take to improve its performance and the perception of customer groups and business partners regarding its performance.

Research Tasks:
1  Meet with the project's technical panel to review the project's scope and work plan.
2  Interview selected managers and staff of SDDOT to identify potentially important issues related to customer service and to identify actions taken in response to SDDOT's prior customer surveys.
3  Conduct focus groups or interviews with members of key customer groups and business partners to identify significant issues that should be addressed quantitatively through survey.
4  Summarize the findings of interviews and focus groups and present them to the technical panel and SDDOT's Executive Team.
5  Based on interviews, focus groups, and feedback from the technical panel and Executive Team, develop and submit for approval of the technical panel a survey strategy and one or more quantitative survey instruments to reach representative samples of e
6  Upon approval of the survey instrument(s), conduct quantitative survey(s) to assess perceptions concerning the composition, importance, and delivered quality of SDDOT's key products and services
7  Prepare and submit for approval of the technical panel a technical memorandum that summarizes survey results, compares them to results of prior assessments, and identifies issues deserving SDDOT's attention.
8  By May 1, 2011, conduct a workshop with SDDOT's Executive Team to communicate key findings and identify possible actions responding to the findings.
9  Prepare a final report summarizing research methodology, findings, conclusions, and recommendations, including recommended updates to the survey instrument(s) for use in future assessments.
10  Make executive presentations to SDDOT's Research Review Board and SDDOT Executive Team at the conclusion of the project.

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