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      SD2011-08 Improved Performance of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Mixes
      SD2010-01 Costs and Benefits of Public Transit in South Dakota
      SD2010-03 SDDOT 2010 Statewide Customer Satisfaction Assessment
      SD2009-07 Methods to Identify Needed Highway Safety Improvements in South Dakota
      SD2006-09 South Dakota 2006 State Rail Plan
      SD2003-18 Causes of Early Pavement Deterioration or Failure
      SD2002-08 Long-Term Monitoring of High Performance Concrete Bridges
      SD2002-14 Electronic File Management Procedures for SDDOT
      SD2001-02 Financial Impacts of Overweight Trucks
      SD2000-12 Construction Project Cost Estimation
      SD2000-14 Unified Reporting of Commercial and Non-Commercial Traffic Accidents
      SD1999-11 Rural ITS Deployment Plan
      SD1999-12 SDDOT Information Systems Business Plan
      SD1998-14 Verification and Calibration of the ARAN Road Profiler
      SD1996-05 Automate Traffic Data Retrieval, Editing, & Verification/Improved Load Estimates
      SD1996-14 Construction & Evaluation of NMFRC Bonded Overlay
      SD1993-05 Pavement Expansion Joint Design & Maintenance
      SD1993-06 Metric Implementation in SDDOT
      SD1991-13 Investigation of Bridge Deck Hot Weather Concreting
Greg Aalberg       SD2012-05 Selection of interest and inflation rates for infrastructure investment analyses
Randall Allemeier       SD2001-17 South Dakota CVISN Program Support
Randy Allemeier       SD2006-15 International Registration Plan & International Fuel Tax Agreement System Requirements Analysis
Randy Allemeier       SD2006-16 Electronic Screening Information Exchange
Kenneth Avery       SD2005-06 Proactive Noise Avoidance and Mitigation Measures
John Ball       SD2006-01 Effects of Chlorides on Vegetation
John Ball       SD2006-07 Impacts of Barriers on Topeka Shiner Populations
James Barbaresso       SD2005-04 Development of Traffic Operations Center Concepts for South Dakota
Curt Beckemeyer       SD1995-16 Rural Road Guidelines
Curt Beckemeyer       SD1993-07 City Street Needs Assessment
Jon Becker       SD2004-11 SD44 Speed Warning System
Jon Becker       SD2003-16 Applications of ITS in SD Work Zones
Jon Becker       SD2002-05 Statewide 511 Traveler Information Number
Jon Becker       SD2001-06 Applications of Automated Speed Enforcement Equipment
Jon Becker       SD1997-12 Evaluation of Laser Video Speed Measurement Equipment
Jon Becker       SD1994-11 Evaluation of Flexible Snow Plow Blades
Jon Becker       SD1994-13 Electrochemical Removal of Chloride from Bridge Piers
Jon Becker       SD1992-14 Monitoring of the Spearfish Timber Bridge
Jon Becker       SD1991-12 Field Applications of Notebook and Voice Computers
Jon Becker       SD1990-12 Pavement Marking Cost Effectiveness Study
David Bender       SD2005-15 South Dakota Motor Carrier Services 2006 Customer Satisfaction Assessment
David Bender       SD2003-03 South Dakota Motor Carrier Enforcement Customer Satisfaction
Christina Bennett       SD2001-07 Evaluation of In-Service Bridge Decks, Second-Time Deck Overlay Failures and Deck Condition Survey Procedures
Christina Bennett       SD2001-08 Automated Road Closure Gate Needs Assessment and I-90, Exit 67 Electric Actuator Project
Christina Bennett       SD1999-04 20-Year Traffic Forecasting Factors
Jim Benshoof       SD1995-10 Use of Speek Monitoring Display for Traffic Control
Jim Benshoof       SD1995-11 Use of Maturity Meter to Place Silicone Sealant
Jim Benshoof       SD1995-12 Asphalt Surface Treatment Performance Follow-up
Julie Bolding       SD2001-16 Standard Cataloging and Online Access for SDDOT’s Technical Library
Christopher Brown       SD1993-04 Crash Testing of Undrilled 4" X 6" Cedar Posts
TJ Brown       SD2006-02 SDDOT 2006 Organizational Health Assessment
TJ Brown       SD2003-11 SDDOT 2004 Organizational Health Assessment
Ken Buss       SD1994-05 Heating Late-Season Bridge Deck Pours
Ken Buss       SD1994-07 Refinement of the SHRP Vehicle Intrusion Alarm
Ken Buss       SD1994-09 Rock Slope Reclamation & Stabilization
Abbas Butt       SD1995-04 Evaluation of SDDOT's New Shoulder Surfacing
Frank Caputo       SD1995-07 Innovative Contracting Procedures
Frank Caputo       SD1995-09 Heavy Vehicle Cost Model Software Reinfinement
Mike Card       SD2002-06 SDDOT Organizational Health Assessment
Bora Cetin       SD2013-05 Climate and Groundwater Data to Support Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design in South Dakota
Dan Clay       SD2005-02 Verify Certain ITE Trip Generation Rate Applications in South Dakota
Allen Cooley       SD2005-07 Evaluation of Recycled Portland Cement Concrete Pavements for Base Course and Gravel Cushion Material
William Cross       SD2008-04 Select Testing to Screen Materials for Specification Compliance
William Cross       SD2000-04 Stainless Steel Clad Rebar in Bridge Decks
David Darwin       SD2002-16 Evaluation of Metallized Stainless Steel Clad Reinforcement
David Darwin       SD2001-05 Evaluation of Corrosion-Resistant Reinforcing Steel
Richard Deighton       SD1998-05 Pavement Management Segment Consolidation
Richard Deighton       SD1993-14 Enhanced Pavement Management System
Maria Drake       SD2003-15 Factors Contributing to South Dakota Crash & Fatality Rates
Dan Driscoll       SD2013-03 Rainfall-Runoff Modeling for Improved peak-Flow Estimates in the Black Hills of SD
Dan Driscoll       SD2008-01 Application of Paleoflood Survey Techniques in the Black Hills of South Dakota
Dan Driscoll       SD2005-12 Applicability of Paleoflood Surveys to the Black Hills
Walter Duffy       SD1995-08 Design & Performance of Created Wetlands
Cathy Erickson       SD1997-10 South Dakota ITS/CVO Business Plan
Edward S. Fekpe       SD1999-07 ITS/CVO Data Architecture
Turner-Fairbank FHWA       SD1993-12 Precast Box Culvert Inlet Loss Coefficients
Rick Glassco       SD1998-10 WESTA Evaluation of the Interstate 29 McCook Port of Entry
Brian Hahn       SD2001-15 Improved Road Condition Reporting
Nuss, Isaac Hall, Mathew       SD2002-15 Correlation of Roughness Ratings with Highway User Opinion
Bob Hart       SD2004-10 Upgrade of South Dakota RWIS Installations
Bob Hart       SD2002-18 Development of Maintenance Decision Support System
Gill Hedman       SD2007-08 Modeling & Calibration of SDDOT Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Criteria
Brian Hines       SD1999-08 Embedded Computer Year 2000 Compliance Survey
Lucas Hoover       SD2002-13 Evaluation of Asphalt Concrete Crack Leveling on US12
Tim Huberty       SD1997-01 SDDOT Customer Survey
Stuart Hudson       SD1992-06 Effects of Increased Truck Tire Loads on Pavements
Dave Huft       SD1999-06 PRISM (Commerical Vehicle Registration & Safety Performance)
Dave Huft       SD1999-13 Weigh-in-Motion Calibration and Overweight Estimation
Dave Huft       SD1997-08 SDDOT Performance Measures
Dave Huft       SD1996-01 Research Performance Measures
Dave Huft       SD1995-02 New Product Evaluation Procedures
Dave Huft       SD1995-06 Assessment of Highway Access Impacts
Dave Huft       SD1994-01 Identification & Elimination of Alkali Carbonate Damage
Bill Hymen       SD2005-03 Use of Wireless Technology for Field Applications
Robert Jaffe       SD2002-03 South Dakota Rural ITS Architecture
Gary Jasper       SD2004-14 Implementation of a Traffic Signal Maintenance & Management System
Dan Johnston       SD2004-02 Corrosion Monitoring of Hot Springs VSL Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall
Dan Johnston       SD2004-07 Impact, Cause, and Remedies for Excessive Cracking in CRC Pavement
Dan Johnston       SD2003-08 Interstate 90 Noise Reduction by Skidabrasion
Dan Johnston       SD2003-13 Innovative Bridge Research and Construction
Dan Johnston       SD2003-19 Evaluation of Innovative Airport Pavement Surface Treatments
Dan Johnston       SD2001-10 Lithium Field Implementation Trial
Dan Johnston       SD1997-09 Field Performance of Concrete Admixtures
Dan Johnston       SD1996-12 Guidelines for Straight Salt and Salt/Sand Mixture
Dan Johnston       SD1996-19 Delamination Surveys on Bridge Decks Overlaid with RACS
Dan Johnston       SD1995-21 Use of Lithium to Prevent ASR
Dan Johnston       SD1994-12 Impact-Echo Testing
Dan Johnston       SD1994-14 Crash Testing of Dual Cedar Posts
Dan Johnston       SD1994-17 Pavement Marking Performance
Dan Johnston       SD1993-01 Use of Polish-Resistant Aggregate in PCC
Dan Johnston       SD1992-04 Reactivity & Durability of PCC Aggregates
Dan Johnston       SD1992-07 Using Admixtures with Dacotah Cement
Sterling Jones       SD2002-04 Effects of Inlet Geometry on Flow Capacity of Single and Multiple Barrel Box Culverts
Allen Jones       SD2013-06 Structure Alternatives for Local Roads
Jon Kellar       SD1998-02 Re-construction Project Scoping and Cost Estimating and its Implication on Design
Jon Kellar       SD1998-03 Investigation of Low Compressive Strengths of Concrete in Paving, Precast and Structural Concrete
Scott Kenner       SD1997-07 Development of Working Day Weather Charts for Transportation Construction in South Dakota
Toran Kopren       SD1997-13 Local Transportation Agency Training and Technical Assistance Needs Assessment
Carl Kurt       SD1998-08 Truck Weights and the Bridge Formula
Carl Kurt       SD1996-07 Oversize/Overweight Issuance by Computer
Harlow Landphere       SD2004-05 SDDOT Water Quality Enhancement Program for Construction
Bob Lewis       SD1992-05 Locating Highway Attributes by Global Positioning
Yongxin Liu       SD1995-20 Design Methods for Jointed FRC Pavement
Erland Lukanen       SD1997-03 Optimization of Recycled Asphalt Concrete and Base Materials for Bases of New Asphalt Concrete Pavement
Erland Lukanen       SD1996-06 Improvement of the Materials Certification Process
Blair Lunde       SD1996-09 Faulting Estimates from Longitudinal Profiles
Allen Marr       SD1992-08 Rapid Determination of Soil Consolidation
Kenneth Maser       SD2005-05 Feasibility of Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for Pavements, Utilities, and Bridges
Patrick McCoy       SD1992-10 Work Zone Safety Device Evaluation
Rebecca McDaniel       SD2001-13 Effects of Hot Plant Fuel Characteristics and Combustion on Asphalt Concrete Quality
Ingrid Melody       SD1998-09 Overweight Truck Videotape
John Mewes       SD2013-12 Incorporate Travel Info in SD's 511 system
John Mewes       SD2004-12 Mobile Data Collection for Winter Maintenance Vehicles
Jim Morrow       SD1993-10 Increased Efficiency Using Document Image Processing
Len Moser       SD1992-12 Ride Quality of Flexible Pavements
Len Moser       SD1992-13 Evaluation of the Advanced Composite Bridge
Stephanie Mutschler       SD2004-06 Updating South Dakota Crash Frequencies and Crash Reduction Factors
Robert Newman       SD2001-01 Development of Maintenance Management Training
Wilfrid A Nixon       SD1995-14 Snow Plow Cutting Edge Evaluation Methods
Adam Ormesher       SD2001-12 Correlation of Roughness Ratings with Highway User Opinion
Daris Ormesher       SD2000-08 Evaluation of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe
Daris Ormesher       SD1997-02 Feasibility of Using Steel "Auger In" Pole Foundations for Light Poles and Signs by SDDOT
Daris Ormesher       SD1995-03 Identification of SDDOT Training Needs
Daris Ormesher       SD1993-02 Investigation of Box Culvert Uplift
Daris Ormesher       SD1993-15 Investigation of US212 Rehabilitation
Paul Orth       SD1995-05 Heated Windshields or Wiper Blades Evaluation
Paul Orth       SD1995-13 Feasibility of Still Video Images for Videologging
Paul Orth       SD1992-09 Improvement of the SD Road Profiler
Paul Orth       SD1990-07 Field Performance of Abutment Tiebacks
Paul Orth       SD1990-08 Guardrail Design Procedures Investigation
Leon Osborne       SD2004-09 Road Condition Reporting System Integration
David Peshkin       SD1996-03 Review of SDDOT Collected Roadway Characteristic Data
Tony Pietropola       SD2002-09 SDDOT Geographic Information Systems Plan
Mike Powell       SD2000-13 Assessment of Commercial Driver Rest Area Needs
Terje Preber       SD1992-11 Heaves at Transverse Cracks in AC Pavement
Terje Preber       SD1989-04 Snow Plow Blade Life Study
Xiao Qin       SD2013-04 Calibration of HSM Predictive Methods for Rural State and Local Highways
Polly Quick       SD2005-14 Improving Motor Vehicle Crash Reporting on Nine South Dakota Indian Reservations
V Ramakrishnan       SD2002-02 Optimized Aggregate Gradation for Structural Concrete
V Ramakrishnan       SD2000-06 Determination of Optimized Fly Ash Content in Bridge Deck and Bridge Deck Overlay Concrete
V Ramakrishnan       SD1998-06 Evaluation of High Performance Concrete in Four Bridge Decks as well as Prestressed Girders for Two Bridges
V Ramakrishnan       SD1998-18 The Determination of the Permeability, Density, and Bond Strength of Non-Metallic Fiber Reinforced Concrete in Bridge Deck Overlay Applications
V Ramakrishnan       SD1997-11 Evaluation of Two Low-Slump Dense Non-Metallic Fiber Reinforced Concrete Deck Overlays at Exit 32 on I-90 in South Dakota
V Ramakrishnan       SD1996-13 Construction & Evaluation of NMFRC PCC Pavement
V Ramakrishnan       SD1996-15 Construction & Evaluation of NMFRC PCC Pavement
V Ramakrishnan       SD1995-22 Polyolefin Fiber Concrete Bridge Deck Replacement
V Ramakrishnan       SD1994-04 Evaluation of Non-Metallic Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Dan Rappana       SD2000-10 SDDOT Safety Program
Richard Reid       SD2000-02 Soil Density Target Values
Richard Reid       SD1999-16 CVISN Project Plan
Richard Reid       SD1997-06 Process Evaluation of Spray Injection Method for Asphalt Surface Repair
Rob Reiman       SD1991-07 Alternative Weigh-in-Motion & Future Applications
Rob Reiman       SD1991-14 Transportation Information System Study
Alicia Ripley       SD1999-14 Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Office of Research Web Site
Lance Roberts       SD2008-10 Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design: Materials Testing of Resilient and Dynamic Modulus
David Rose       SD2001-11 Techniques for Corridor Preservation in South Dakota
David Rose       SD1999-01 Review of SDDOT Highway Access Control Process
Barry Rossen       SD1994-10 Crash Testing of Road Closure Gates
Hal Rumpca       SD2003-14 Feasibility of Local Road Truck Permitting
Hal Rumpca       SD1996-10 Evaluation of PCC/AC Joint Sealant
Hal Rumpca       SD1996-11 Evaluation of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe
Hal Rumpca       SD1995-23 Evaluation of Geosynthetics in Asphalt Overlays of Jointed Concrete Pavements
Sara Russell       SD2000-11 Remotely Controlled Road Closure Gate
Mary Rutherford       SD1993-08 Impact of Centralized Solid Waste Disposal on Highways
Mary Rutherford       SD1993-09 Use of Expanded Polystyrene Blocks for Bridge Abutments
Somitra Saxena       SD2000-03 Update of the Non-State Trunk Inventory
Vernon Schaefer       SD1996-02 Integral Abutment Bridge End Treatment
John Schamber       SD2002-07 SDDOT 2002 Statewide Customer Survey
John Schamber       SD1998-17 SDDOT’s 1999 Statewide Customer Survey
Peter Schauer       SD1991-18 Public Transportation Needs Study
Sara Schneider       SD2002-11 Performance of SDDOT's New Chip Seal Design
Preston Schultz       SD1991-06 Snow Plow Safety Study
Preston Schultz       SD1991-08 Finger Spalling at PCC Pavement Joints
Preston Schultz       SD1991-10 Evaluation of AC Rutting Potential
Leon Schumacher       SD2002-12 Potential Impact of Biodiesel on SDDOT
Charles Schwinger       SD2006-06 Review of Travel Demand Forecasting Requirements in the SDDOT
Charles Schwinger       SD2003-01 Improved Traffic Signal Maintenance and Management
Sidney Scott       SD1999-02 Mitigation of Deterioration Due to ASR or ACR on Existing PCC Pavements and Structures
Sidney Scott       SD1999-03 Implementation of the Materials Certification Process
SDSU, SDSM&T, SDDOT       SD2000-01 Joint Failure in PCC Repairs
SDSU, SDSM&T, SDDOT       SD1994-08 Mobile Work Zone Sign Support
Peter Sebaaly       SD2008-03 Evaluation of Warm Mix Asphalt Concrete Pavement in South Dakota Conditions
Peter Sebaaly       SD2003-05 Long Term Monitoring of Asphalt Concrete Anti-Strip Test Sections
Peter Sebaaly       SD1999-10 Asphalt Concrete Anti-Stripping Techniques
Sebaaly & Epps       SD1999-15 Effects of Off-Road Equipment Tires on Flexible and Granular Pavements
Patrick Sendelweck       SD2005-08 Replacement of Roadway Evaluation Equipment
Dean Sicking       SD1998-16 Crash Testing of W-Beam to Cable Transition
Kelly L Smith       SD1998-07 Optimization of AC Shoulder Design and Construction for PCC Pavements
Arial Soriano       SD1992-03 Evaluation of Silicone Joint Sealant Performance
Ariel Soriano       SD2001-04 Alternative Sealants for Bridge Decks
Mary Storsteen       SD2001-14 Evaluation of the GeoGauge Compaction Tester
Mary Storsteen       SD1998-11 A Location Referencing System Pilot Study
Mary Storsteen       SD1998-12 Identification of Abnormal Accident Patterns at Intersections
Dan Strand       SD1995-15 Statewide Truck Tire Configuration Survey
Chris Strong       SD2006-10 Analysis of MDSS Benefits and Costs
Lawrence Sutter       SD2002-01 Investigation of the Long Term Effects of Magnesium Chloride and other Concentrated Salt Solutions on Pavement and Structural Portland Cement Concrete
Darrell Svalstad       SD1996-04 A Location Referencing System to Support Data Integration
Ramzi Taha       SD1992-01 Effectiveness of PCC Undersealing
Ramzi Taha       SD1992-02 Evaluation of Portable WIM
Chris Tatham       SD2006-03 SDDOT 2006 Statewide Customer Satisfaction Assessment
Chris Tatham       SD2003-12 SDDOT 2004 Statewide Customer Satisfaction Assessment
Elaine Thompson       SD1994-03 Investigation of Anomalous Asphalt Concrete on US212
Frances Ting       SD2006-08 Evaluation of SRICOS Method for South Dakota Cohesive Soils
Andrew Tople       SD1998-13 Development of South Dakota Accident Reduction Factors
Stephen Tracy       SD2000-07 SDDOT Organizational Health Assessment 2000
Stephen Tracy       SD1999-05 Identification of Methods for Truck Crash Reduction
Stephen Tracy       SD1998-01 SDDOT Organizational Health Assessment
UNKNOWN       SD2006-04 Development of the South Dakota Strategic Highway Safety Plan
UNKNOWN       SD2006-14 Commercial Vehicle Information Systems & Networks (CVISN) Program Management
UNKNOWN       SD2005-09 Optimizing Rumble Strip use in South Dakota
UNKNOWN       SD2005-11 Evaluation of Crack Free Bridge Decks
UNKNOWN       SD2003-17 Low Cost Active Railroad Crossing Signals
USGS       SD1998-04 Estimation of Ice Thickness and Strength for Determination of Lateral Ice Loads on Bridge Substructures in South Dakota
Amiy Varma       SD1994-06 Economic & Job Impacts of SDDOT Construction
Daneil Vogen       SD2001-09 Automated Commercial Vehicle Permitting
Daniel Vogen       SD2006-17 South Dakota Automated Commercial Vehicle Permitting System Enhancements
Monte Wade       SD1999-09 High Volume/High Speed Asphalt Roadway Preventative Maintenance Surface Treatments
Nathan Weber       SD1998-15 Verification of Radar Vehicle Detection Equipment
Nadim Wehbe       SD2013-01 Precast Bridge Girder Details for Improved Performance
Nadim Wehbe       SD2013-07 Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Structure Components
Nadim Wehbe       SD2011-09 Tolerances for Placement of Tie Bars in Portland Cement Concrete Pavements
Nadim Wehbe       SD2008-06 PCCP Joint Design and Sealing Review
Nadim Wehbe       SD2005-13 Structural Applications of Self-Consolidating Concrete
Tom Wilson       SD1993-03 Determination of Spring Load Restrictions
Leon Wrage       SD1995-01 Chemical Application Equipment & Methods
Katie Zimmerman       SD2006-05 Review of SDDOT's Pavement Management System
Katie Zimmerman       SD2005-01 Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide Implementation Plan
Katie Zimmerman       SD2002-10 Local Road Surfacing Criteria
Katie Zimmerman       SD2001-03 Effects of Maintenance Treatments on Asphalt Concrete Pavement Management
Katie Zimmerman       SD1998-19 Local Road and Street Need Assessment
Katie Zimmerman       SD1997-05 Statistical Methods for Pavement Performance Curve Building, Historical Analysis, Data Sampling and Storage
Katie Zimmerman       SD1996-08 Guidelines for Using Economic Factors & Maintenance Costs in Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
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