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MEDIA ADVISORY: I-229 Corridor Study Press Conference
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For immediate release: Thursday, October 17, 2013

Contact: Kristi Sandal, Public Information Officer, 605.773.3265


                I-229 Corridor Study Press Conference



WHO:  The South Dakota Department of Transportation, Sioux Falls Metropolitan Planning Organization, City of Sioux Falls Public Works, and the South Dakota Highway Patrol.


SPEAKERS: Craig Smith, SDDOT; SDHP; Chad Huwe, City of Sioux Falls; Jason Kjenstad, HDR Engineering, Inc.


WHAT:  Announcing the launch of the study’s website (www.i229study.com) and the study’s first public open house, scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013


WHEN:  1 p.m. on Oct. 22, 2013


WHERE:  SDDOT Sioux Falls Area Office

                     5316 W 60th St North, Sioux Falls


WHY:  To inform area residents on the beginning of the public input portion for a corridor study that will be developing a twenty year improvement plan for the Interstate 229 corridor in Sioux Falls. The study will be looking at potential infrastructural and operational improvements for the following roadway corridors and interchanges:


Mainline Interstate

¨                   Interstate-229 from the Solberg Avenue Overpass to the 60th Street North Overpass (Approximately 10.5 miles)


I-229 Service Interchanges

¨                   Exit 1: Louise Avenue

¨                   Exit 2: Western Avenue

¨                   Exit 3: Minnesota Avenue

¨                   Exit 4: Cliff Avenue

¨                   Exit 5: 26th Street

¨                   Exit 6: 10th Street

¨                   Exit 7: Rice Street

¨                   Exit 9: Benson Road



¨                   Solberg Avenue from 69th Street to 57th Street

¨                   Louise Avenue from 69th Street to 57th Street

¨                   57th Street from Louise Avenue to Western Avenue

¨                   Western Avenue from 57th Street to 49th Street

¨                   Minnesota Avenue from 57th Street to 41st Street

¨                   Cliff Avenue from 49th Street to 33rd Street

¨                   26th Street from Cliff Avenue to Southeastern Drive

¨                   33rd Street from Cliff Avenue to Yeager Road

¨                   Yeager Road from 33rd Street to 26th Street

¨                   Southeastern Avenue from 18th Street to 26th Street

¨                   18th Street from Southeastern Drive to Cleveland Avenue

¨                   12th Street from Lowell Avenue to Cleveland Avenue

¨                   10th Street from Franklin Avenue to Sycamore Avenue

¨                   6th Street from Lowell Avenue to Cleveland Avenue

¨                   Rice Street from Wayland Avenue to Bahnson Avenue

¨                   Benson Road from Cliff Avenue to Sycamore Avenue

¨                   60th Street North from Lewis Avenue to the proposed Bahnson Ave.


Preliminary results of a traffic origin-destination study for the Sioux Falls metropolitan planning area recently conducted as part of the study will also be discussed.


VISUALS: Preliminary display boards and handouts for the Oct. 30 public meeting will be available.


INTERVIEWS:  Local transportation officials and consultant staff will be available to answer media questions


Notice is further given to individuals with disabilities that this meeting is being held in a physically accessible place. Please notify the SDDOT ADA Coordinator within 48 hours of the public meeting if you have special needs for which this agency will need to make arrangements. The telephone number for making special arrangements is 605.773.3540 or 1.800.877.1113 (Telecommunication Relay Services for the Deaf).


For more information, contact Kristi Sandal, public information officer, at 605.773.3265 or by email at Kristi.Sandal@state.sd.us.




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