Corridor Preservation

The South Dakota Department of Transportation has adopted a new approach to managing key transportation corridors in the state. The objective is to minimize costs to the private and public sectors by planning ahead for future highway projects and coordinating closely with local government.

Corridor Preservation Brochure

Corridor preservation is a strategy to assure that the network of highways, roads, and streets will be available now and in the future to serve existing and future development needs. It involves application of various measures to:

  • Minimize the costs of transportation improvements by early coordination with property owners and local government.
  • Enhance and maintain efficient traffic flow in existing transportation corridors.
  • Protect corridors from unnecessary environmental, social and economic impacts.
  • Reduce the amount of developed property that needs to be purchased.

The Department of Transportation has identified segments of state highway most in need of corridor preservation. Maps showing these highway segments by Area Office are available for download below.

Special Studies


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