U.S. 16 / U.S. 16B Intersection Study

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Study Purpose:

The purpose of this study is to:

  1. Prepare a traffic study to determine a need for a future Grade-Separated intersection at the US16/US16B (Catron Boulevard) intersection;
  2. Investigate options for the reconstruction of US Highway 16 (US16) from Promise Road south to Moon Meadows;
  3. Determined the feasibility and constructability of an interchange at the intersection of US16 and US Highway 16B (US16B).

Although this report is not intended to be an Interchange Justification Report, the report will follow the guidelines identified by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in the Federal Register.

Study Area:

The study area for the US16/US16B Traffic Study and Roadway Network alternatives consist of US 16 from Promise Road south to Sammis Trail. The width of the corridor included in this study is approximately one-quarter mile either side of US 16 in order to include rearage roads proposed to parallel US16 from US16B/Catron Boulevard to Moon Meadows/Sammis Trail.

Study Background:

In 2005, the City of Rapid City developed a Future Land Use Plan for the US Highway 16 Neighborhood. The neighborhood limits of the US Highway 16 Land Use Plan were Cathedral Drive/Fairmont Boulevard on the north and the Reptile Gardens/Neck Yoke Road intersection on the south and encompassed approximately 8,450 acres with a primary goal of estimating future land-use to the Year 2025. In this study, policies and growth development schemes were adopted including estimates of future population, land use, schools, and rural development. In 2004, a study was conducted in conjunction with the Rapid City Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (RCAMPO) and the SDDOT with a goal to complete a US16 Corridor Study as a part of their planning process. The studies intent was to compliment the State's Access Management Criteria and to tailor a plan specific to the corridor while addressing future transportation needs by developing a long-term plan for the US 16 Corridor in order to promote safety and efficiency. The purpose of this traffic and alternate roadway network study is to conduct a more in-depth traffic analysis of the US16 corridor and more specifically the US16/US16B (Catron Boulevard) intersection; determine the need for an interchange at the intersection; and, if needed, analyze interchange options along with other infrastructure recommendations.

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