ARRA Projects

State Highway Economic Stimulus Projects

President Barack Obama signed a $787 billion economic stimulus bill into law on Tuesday, February 17th. South Dakota is estimated to receive approximately $183 million in ARRA funding that also could include rail infrastructure activities. The SD Dept of Transportation has identified these initial projects as the starting point for the stimulation package. As the amount of available funding is finalized, additional projects will be added to this list.

Amended Certification under Section 1201 of the ARRA

ARRA Stimulus Projects - Contact Mike Behm (605) 773-3268

Map of these projects

ARRA Certifications

Transit Revisions - Contact Jack Dokken (605) 773-3574

Local Government ARRA Funds - Contact Jack Dokken (605) 773-3574

Airport Projects

DOT-ES-1 - Monthly Employment Report for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) projects

DOT ES-1 Instruction - Instructions for completing DOT ES-1

State of South Dakota's Recovery Website

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