I-29/1-229 Sioux Falls

Project: IM 0293(96)73 and IM 2292(90)0; PCN 01QS and 020Q; Minnehaha and Lincoln Counties

Location: Interstate 29 from north of Tea Exit 73 to north of 57th Street and about one mile of I-229 from the I-29 interchange to just west of the Louise Avenue exit

Improvement Type: Grading, Concrete Surfacing, Bridge Replacements, Roadway Lighting, & Permanent Signing

What was built in 2016:

This project removed all concrete surfacing within the project limits and replaced it with a new concrete pavement. This involved crushing the current concrete surfacing and mixing it into the roadway embankment for a stronger roadway base. The contractor then placed 5” of granular base for cushion and placed 13” of concrete on I-29 and 12” of concrete on I-229 and ramp areas.

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I-29 / I-229 Project

Also as part of construction, both bridges on I-29 north bound (NB) and I-29 south bound (SB) over I-229 were replaced. The new bridge for I-29 NB is 316-feet long by 44-feet wide. The new bridge for I-29 SB is 303-feet long by 56-feet wide.

There were also some new features to the project:

  • Additional roadway lighting on I-29 and I-229
  • An added lane on I-29 SB from the north end of the project to the I-229 NB exit ramp
  • Additional signing and sign bridges
  • An added lane on I-29 SB from I-229 SB exit ramp to the south end of the project
  • An added lane on I-29 NB from south end of the project to I-229 NB exit ramp
  • An added lane on I-29 NB from the I-229 SB exit ramp to the north end of the project

Construction Update (Nov. 17, 2016)

The current phase of construction is complete. Northbound and southbound traffic has been returned to the newly paved southbound and northbound lanes. Currently there is only minor roadside work being accomplished and disruptions to traffic should be very minimal.

What is to be built in 2017:

The majority of work in 2017 will involve bridge rehab for the two bridges on I-29 at Exit 73 (Tea). The approach pavement at all bridge ends will be replaced and a Two Coat Bridge Deck Polymer High Friction Chip Seal (epoxy deck seal) will be applied to the deck. This work will be done at each bridge half at a time. Unfortunately since these are only 2 lane bridges this will require reducing I-29 to one lane while the work is being accomplished. We have working day requirements at these locations to insure this work does not drag on any longer then needed.

The Contractor will also be applying a new surfacing to the concrete that was placed in 2016. This surfacing is called Next Generation Concrete Surfacing (NGCS). It is designed to make the pavement quieter and smoother and it is the first time it has been utilized on South Dakota. This will be done under lane closures and the Contractor is required to have at least 2 lanes of traffic open during all peak traffic hours so impacts to traffic for this work should be minimal.

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